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  • Upcoming Events

    • 14 June 2021 19:00 Until 21:00
      Archmage Yesran will be available on a weekly basis for consultations and general inquiries to anyone requiring a meeting.
      Every Monday, from 12:00 to 14:00 ((server time, one hour after reset))
      Location will alternate between the Archmage Office (Haven Keep, Sharessia), and the Margrave's Manor (Kortuga).
      Do check the updated schedule ((ingame event board)) for the weekly designed location. 
    • 15 June 2021 22:00 Until 16 June 2021 00:00
      Apologies for short(ish) notice, but I wasn't sure if I'd be moving around this time. Seems I'll have another week or two.
      This meeting is a closed meeting for guild leaders.
    • 15 June 2021 23:00
      Come one, come all to the Mithuth Port Brothel Meet & Greet. Bring your hunger, your thirst, your lust, and your gold. Come and meet the members of staff, introduce yourself to the hostess, be hired for events, and participate in tours of the facilities. After drinks are served, dice games will be played for hours into the evening.
    • 19 June 2021 19:00
    • 19 June 2021 21:00
      This will be the conclusion of the Creation/Chasing Shadows event.
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