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    12 June 2021 18:30

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen...
    And thugs and ruffians, wanderers, adventurers and thrillseekers! You are all welcome, if you have the coin.
    This Saturday House Barra'linath presents Beetle Races at the Black Lotus! Lady Delacalya will be leading the event half an hour after reset. Come watch the beetles battle for the best place! Bet on your favourite! Cheer on the Champion, or the Challenger. The slowest beetle of each round is then brought to the cook to provide snacks.
    There will be drinks, talk, new faces, (a whole new game), maybe some intrigue and to cap of the evening: A beautiful performance by Shynri.
    Come one, come all.
    P.S. You can bring your own beetle, new challengers are welcome!
    Details of the game will be posted soon on the forum.

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