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    01 January 2022 21:00

    This event begins 6/19/2021 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Greeetings my guests,
    I hope you brought an appetite because tonight we have a full menu: A good meal, paired with a great wine and some entertainment. Lil Pinchy has been caught again so the Beetle Races are on... And a play or performance, and let's not forget about desert.
    In other words: There's entertainment a plenty at the Black Lotus! Come around and enjoy yourself.
    Brought to you by House Barra'linath
    PS: Come around and prepare for the Chasing the Shadows event at the Black Lotus, we may have an advantage for you...
    PS: Due to the mudwrestling and the limits on Event stacking, the Black Lotus thing has been postponed, feel free to drop in for RP though! :)

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