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  2. I have come back to check out the "New" Mithuth.  I have such high hopes,  If anyone is interested in RP please don't hesitate to hit me up in game, shoot me a tell!  Thank you!


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    Hear ye, hear ye! Now is the time for Kortugan citizens and businesses to make their announcements and concerns! Please note, that if your concern needs discretion, this is not the place to air them! Please send a missive to a member of the Ecclesia instead!
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    Private meeting of the Ecclesia of Kortuga. Not open to the public. To be conducted in the Kortugan Watch Meeting Hall, 6:00 pm server time.
  9. "Greeting my guests, come on in, don't worry about your look, just come as you are." *There is a soothing blend of drugs in the air, underlined with the smoke of fine cigars. The guests that arrived before you lounge around, sipping their drinks and talking softly. A Dimlight on the stage envelops your curvacious hostess, a gentle jazz rythm plays as she starts to sing huskily...* It's Delahs relaxing night, no stress from big performances, or complex plays, just some games and sterling conversation, come on down to the Lotus and relax.
  10. Greeetings my guests, I hope you brought an appetite because tonight we have a full menu: A good meal, paired with a great wine and some entertainment. Lil Pinchy has been caught again so the Beetle Races are on... And a play or performance, and let's not forget about desert. In other words: There's entertainment a plenty at the Black Lotus! Come around and enjoy yourself. Brought to you by House Barra'linath PS: Come around and prepare for the Chasing the Shadows event at the Black Lotus, we may have an advantage for you... PS: Due to the mudwrestling and the limits o
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    Apologies for short(ish) notice, but I wasn't sure if I'd be moving around this time. Seems I'll have another week or two. This meeting is a closed meeting for guild leaders.
  12. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen... And thugs and ruffians, wanderers, adventurers and thrillseekers! You are all welcome, if you have the coin. This Saturday House Barra'linath presents Beetle Races at the Black Lotus! Lady Delacalya will be leading the event half an hour after reset. Come watch the beetles battle for the best place! Bet on your favourite! Cheer on the Champion, or the Challenger. The slowest beetle of each round is then brought to the cook to provide snacks. There will be drinks, talk, new faces, (a whole new game), maybe some intrigue and to cap of the eve
  13. We're planning to do some regular games on a regular basis, starting simple with 21 Sins. Everyone is welcome.
  14. Come one, come all to the Mithuth Port Brothel Meet & Greet. Bring your hunger, your thirst, your lust, and your gold. Come and meet the members of staff, introduce yourself to the hostess, be hired for events, and participate in tours of the facilities. After drinks are served, dice games will be played for hours into the evening.
  15. By accidenti added this one double. Didin't find out how to remove it. Please delete one, thanks.
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