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  1. This event begins at 4PM server time. The Evening Beach Party will be in celebration of the Mid-Summer Faire. All are welcome to attend. There will be games and prizes as well. We will be holding this event in the Kortuga Outskirts on the beach up from the boatswain.
  2. This will be the conclusion of the Creation/Chasing Shadows event.
  3. This event begins at 1PM Server time. This will be a call to the House of Shadows for anyone wanting to participate in getting things moving within that organization again. This is NOT an event to choose a leader, the staff must approve a new manager of the House of Shadows.
  4. This event begins at noon server time. This is a call to anyone wanting to engage in darker religious RP. We will be meeting in the Temple of Bane and discussing the Dark Seldarine and the possible inclusion of them in the Temple going forward. This is NOT an event to choose a leader of the Temple, that must be decided by the staff.
  5. This event begins at 1PM server time. This is the continuation of the Creation event, anyone wanting to submit an alternate character for possible permanent effects on them must have them made and leveled to 20 prior to the beginning of this event. See Bree for more details.
  6. wmw12

    Happy Hour!

    This event will begin at 4PM server time. A chance for people to come and mingle and chat with folks they may not have had the opportunity to meet before.
  7. wmw12

    Cat and Cock Fight

    This event begins at 1PM server time. This will turn into a friendly gathering if we don't have any slaves to fight.
  8. This event will have three categories: Only fists Mundane armor and weapons Full abilities and gear Winners of each category will be named and prizes given out. This event will take place at 1pm Server Time
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